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Mama's and Bambino's Yoga*

Tues 11:00 - 12:30

*Classes suitable for pre-crawling babies.

1-2-1's can be arranged at a time and day that will suit the individuals schedule. 

We sing, we play, we enjoy!  The connection between mother and child is beautiful and I am given such pleasure to work with mum's and their new babies.  I am fortunate enough to see the babies grown and develop every week, watching the babies learn to hold their heads up, suck their thumbs and elvolve as little human beings. What an honour!

It is also delightful to see the bond between mum and baby.  That initimate knowing of each other and the unspoken communications that take place.

It is a great priveledge to be able to teach baby yoga and massage.

Baby yoga and baby massage sit beside each other as complementary practices.  

Baby massage is a contact practice offering quality physical stimulation to the baby via touch, holding, flowing movements, encouraged relaxation, praise and the voice.

I was always told that happy parents make happy babies and see this every day with parents who choose baby massage and yoga to connect with their growing babies.

The loving touch of a parent is vital for all babies and therefore baby massage and yoga offers a stimulating experience for your baby as the receiver and yourself as the giver.   The use of massage and yoga can help both parent and child enjoy deep contentment and other benefits such as the ability to relax, promoting calmness, less stress and better sleeping patterns.

Our toddlers yoga takes the baby yoga to the next level - expect active fun and frolics for all!

Why massage and yoga?

  • The baby is introduced to a gentle physical activity. 
  • Physical activity promotes better sleeping patterns for the child.
  • Care for a baby is easier when a routine is established.
  • Babies get 1-2-1 time with their parent, increasing the bond between them.


There are a number of options price wise for our classes.

*Baby Yoga classes can be purchased at £25.00 for a 5 week consecutive pass (5 Weeks in succession) or £40.00 for a 5 week flexible pass useable within an 8 weeks period. Please pay at

Concessions are available.

Refer a Friend

Please note that we also run a refer a friend scheme.  Should you bring a friend and they sign up for a course, you will be awarded a free class to use at any of my classes.